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The ability to integrate and to provide healthcare software systems that are interoperable is crucial to the success of any organization. Innovar Healthcare simplifies your healthcare connection needs by removing obstacles that block the exchange of clinical data.



Experience the superior alert and monitoring capabilities of the leading-edge platform solution, Enlighten, and enhance your Mirth Connect integration.


Maximize Your Mirth® Connect Experience with Enlighten:

The Ultimate Mirth Connect Platform Solution


Unlock the true potential of your Mirth® Connect healthcare integration by leveraging the power of Enlighten, a leading-edge platform solution that offers superior alert and monitoring capabilities beyond what is provided by Mirth Connect. Ensure that your channels are running at their full potential around the clock.

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Smarter Mirth Connect Insights
Enhanced Dashboards
Predictive Alerting
Easy Viewing


Expand the capabilities of your integration team with Lightswitch, our dynamic cloud-based managed service platform. Lightswitch is designed to streamline data integration across various systems, enhancing operational efficiency both within and outside your organization. Featuring an intuitive, turnkey approach and easy to understand, transparent pricing, it surpasses conventional interface engines with its advanced solutions.

Looking to extend your data integration strategy?
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The Right Solution, The Right Data where you need it.
Secure and Redundant
Fixed Pricing
Integration on Demand


Lightweight clinical order entry software that can be deployed, to include interfaces, in a few days.  Highly customizable and easy to use with pricing that is friendly to your budget.  Smartphone capable.  Reference labs, outreach, referrals, radiology - all possible with built in direct to consumer capabilities.

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Fast Deployment
Smartphone Capable
Web Enabled


Gain access to must-have metrics in real time. Illuminate Dashboard presents an immediate view in an easy to use dashboard layout and can be viewed in the palm of your hand or via desktop.

Looking to simplify your interoperability data needs?
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Powered by lightswitch and the AWS Cloud
Simple subscription-based pricing
No Software or Hardware Costs
Mirth (TM) Connect Dashboards 
Subscription Includes Lightswitch
Mirth Connect

Mirth® Connect on AWS Marketplace
packaged by Innovar


Innovar now offers Mirth Connect Support on the AWS Marketplace with flexible monthly pricing terms.

Activate Your Mirth Connect Support Now!

Open Source Mirth® Connect provides a secure, highly-efficient, flexible approach for enabling interoperability between your software systems. With Mirth™ Connect, you can easily and securely transmit health information from any location to any location in most formats.

Cloud-Enabled OSS Mirth® Connect
Cloud-Enabled OSS Mirth Connect

Easily Managed Integration with Cost Predictability

Your interface costs will not fluctuate during the life of your contract - regardless of the number of messages, upgrades, new systems that come online. You’ll have one cost in turn allowing you to focus on your business, not your overhead.  

Data integration and interoperability are critical to healthcare success and to drive improved patient care and safety. Innovar Healthcare compiles and integrates data across diverse systems and sources, translates data into accessible formats, and manages data to secure proper compliance. We are committed to delivering outstanding results to healthcare IT vendors, hospital administrators, healthcare leaders and partners.

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The goal of the Mirth™ Connect Health Check is is to review and evaluate your Mirth™ Connect environment(s). Along with this review,  Innovar will make recommendations on areas of improvements and prioritize those  recommendations. It will cover general recommendations, as well as specific areas of concern  from reviewing existing interfaces.

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