About Us

Loyd Bittle - Founder

Loyd has had a successful career in the Healthcare software industry, starting as a Systems Engineer and advancing his career to Vice President (Mirth Group) at NextGen Healthcare.  Along the way, he found time to earn his Master of Science in Information Systems from Auburn University. 

Loyd has worked in the “trenches”, managed teams, supervised resources, managed departments, interacted with organizational leadership, and faced the challenges of the healthcare industry from top to bottom.  As his career has advanced, Loyd has been drawn specifically to the integration and interoperability challenges healthcare providers and software companies must address.  His experiences leading many of the largest Health Information Exchange deployments in the country has enabled a unique understanding of how to scale large integration projects.  His career challenges, successes, and experience have brought him to this primary goal: “To provide a low cost, easily understood, easily managed integration and interoperability solution to healthcare organizations.”

Innovar People

Innovar Healthcare (Innovar) is an “organic” organization.  What does that mean?  It means that Innovar resources are like-minded individuals, who have been in the healthcare software industry for many years.  Innovar has recruited individuals we have worked with during our careers.  In other words, we went through our professional networks and recruited the best of the best.  We recruited individuals whom we saw the first-hand manifest a passion to develop practical solutions and the character to meet their commitments.

These individuals have worked with and within the major healthcare software vendors and the biggest and most prestigious, progressive healthcare providers in North America. However, while most organizations want to expound on their BIG experience, Innovar boasts of experience within all tiers of the healthcare industry, from small clinics and hospitals to multi-facility / multi-state organizations.

Innovar recruited individuals with these attributes:

  • Multiple years of broad-based experience in the healthcare industry

  • Multiple years of specific experience in healthcare integration

  • Multiple years of experience with integration tools, utilities and methods

  • Character, integrity and an overwhelming desire to provide a practical solution that works for users

Most importantly, Innovar has recruited individuals who will truly partner with Innovar, our alliance partners and our clients. 

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