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About Innovar Healthcare

Innovar Healthcare specializes in software integration with expertise in connecting disparate healthcare systems and enabling a connected clinical workflow.  Innovar has extensive experience with various clinical systems and strong background with Health Information Exchange with experience and direct involvement in the design and development of countless interfaces.  Our mission is to develop and adopt methods that eliminate the many obstacles associated with integration and making your system interoperable.  Additionally, we have worked with many of the leading EMR systems on both HL7 Interfaces and on the development of API Custom Modules.


All capabilities include:


  • Data Conversions

  • Data Migrations

  • Interfaces


Our experience includes work with all major interface engines and in all sectors of healthcare, to include:

  • Hospitals

  • IDN's

  • Ambulatory/Outpatient Clinics

  • Software Vendors 

  • HIE's

  • IHS (Indian Health Services)

  • VA

  • DoD Health Systems  

  • Payers


Our team has extensive experience in the development of integration modules that has allowed the clinical data in many states to be exchanged within healthcare entities and to enable the fully functional longitudinal health record that can be dispersed geographically and reassembled using Innovar software.  We have deep technical expertise in the development of interoperability modules, using many protocols and methods, such as IHE Profiles and HL7.  Our integration architecture and designs are deployed to support the employee health of some of the largest and most technical advanced corporations in the country, to include:


• Amazon

• Facebook


Additionally, we have facilitated the exchange of Covid Lab Results to support pandemic efforts around the country and our software enabled the clinical flow to help states better understand the impact of the Covid pandemic on states we have worked with to include:


•                California

•                Michigan

•                Oregon

•                South Carolina

•                Texas

•                Washington



​While our core expertise is with the Mirth Integration Engine, our team has worked with many of the leading engines on the market and when required we have written custom API Modules in many different software languages.