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About Us

Innovar Healthcare is committed to delivering outstanding results to its healthcare IT vendors, hospital administrators, healthcare leaders, laboratories and partners. Our approach is one of streamlined simplicity

Innovar Healthcare simplifies your healthcare connection needs by removing  obstacles that block the exchange of clinical data. Our mission is to provide a turnkey, low cost, simple, easily managed integration and interoperability solution for healthcare organizations.  Connecting health data from many sources, like data from EMR systems across different healthcare systems can be burdensome, yet data conversion, migration, and integration can be extremely beneficial to streamline the care delivery process.

Our People

Our expertise lies in providing the right data at the right time. Our people have dedicated their careers
to this pursuit. 
Loyd Bittle, CEO & Founder


Loyd has had a successful career in the Healthcare software industry, starting as a Systems Engineer and advancing his career to Vice President (Mirth™ Group) at NextGen Healthcare.


Loyd has worked in the “trenches”, managed teams and departments, interacted with organizational leadership, and faced the challenges of the healthcare industry from top to bottom.  


As his career has advanced, Loyd has been drawn specifically to the integration and interoperability challenges healthcare providers and software companies must address. His experiences leading many of the largest Health Information Exchange deployments in the country have enabled a unique understanding of how to scale large integration projects

Our People
Innovar in the News
10/31/2022 Innovar announces the addition of Medgen Diagnostics to the Lightswitch network. 

10/21/2022 Innovar announces the addition of Southern Labs to the Lightswitch network.

09/29/2022 Innovar announces the addition of HealtheLink and HealtheConnections as our new customers.  

09/23/2022 The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health announced an extension of the Covid-19 asymptomatic testing program for Alabama public and private schools for the 2022/2023 school year.  Innovar Healthcare continues to power this extensive testing program with our Lumin lightweight order entry software for both collection sites and delivering results to parents all over the State of Alabama.


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