Data Migrations

​The Lightswitch Platform can enable the cloud-based migration of your data from your current system to your new system or we can place your current data in an alternate storage location for use at a later time.  The platform is vendor agnostic, so that means we can go pull data from most any system and extract the data contained into many alternate formats or storage locations.

Our work includes data in most any format from many different source systems with: 

  • Inpatient Acute Care Hospitals And Systems

  • IDN's

  • Ambulatory and Outpatient Clinics

  • Healthcare IT Vendors - Ranging from Large EHR Vendors to Smaller Departmental Ancillary systems

  • HIE's - to include large statewide public HIE's to smaller Private HIE's

  • Payers

Our solution requires no on-premise hardware or software, just an internet connect.