Lightswitch Platform

Cloud-Based Message Clearinghouse


The ability to integrate and to provide healthcare software systems that are interoperable is crucial to the success of any organization.  The Lightswitch platform innovation is a cloud-based message clearinghouse that can integrate information from many different systems and in varying formats, ultimately delivering information when and where you need it. Lightswitch serves as a clearinghouse to move data inside and outside of your organization, creating paths connecting the flow of data. Our cloud-based architecture provides both horizontal and vertical scalability, ensuring the clearinghouse can immediately meet the processing demands of heavy message volume. 

This innovative way of managing the labor intensive tasks of messaging in any organization provides for:

  • A Cloud-based Message Clearinghouse

  • Costs Stability with Fixed Pricing for the Duration of the Contract- Single Monthly Invoice

  • Integration on Demand - Tell us where your data is and where you want it to go, we will handle the rest

  • Secure and Redundant Infrastructure - Fully leverage the native security and redundancy in the cloud

  • Microservice Architecture - Allows horizontally/vertical scale to increase resource availability and reduce costs


Other integration solution vendors provide a custom software development platform.   Each organization must incur the added expense of additional on-premise servers and engineers to maintain those systems.  Development staff must then be trained to write software, usually in a proprietary language.  This training involves added expense and once these developers become skilled, then they often leave the organization and take the experience with them.  Or, your organization is in a region that has limited ability to retain quality developers.  As a result,  this custom software is often written and then maintained by expensive outside contractors or by staff that are not qualified to navigate the complex world of the interface engine.   

Our platform capabilities would include the ability to use data into many formats:

  • HL7


  • Custom CSV Files

  • Direct Database Connection

  • PDF Import

  • EDI

  • Claims (835 or 837)

Clearinghouse Model

With the Lightswitch Platform, we operate as a clearinghouse and manage your messaging needs.  Most organizations have long since abandoned the idea of maintaining an in-house software development team to write software and have chosen to "buy" those products.  There is one exception to that strategy, interfaces, or messaging.  For that function, often an expensive in-house software team is maintained with the associated costs.  We consider the movement of data within the organization just "wiring" and what most organizations really want is to just turn on the light.  For that reason, we created Lightswitch.  You tell us where your data is and where you want it to go, we move the data.  


The flexibility of the cloud and ability to scale allows us to offer a compelling pricing story, ensuring our clients do not pay for more than they actually need.  Other information interfacing companies charge fees to connect systems and transfer more information than you may actually need or in some cases want integrated.  Innovar can provide an affordable pricing option specific to each client’s integration needs based on the number of platforms involved and the type of data to be transferred, whether demographic or patient accounting information from specific data fields, full clinical progress notes, H&Ps, physician consultative reports or diagnostic testing images.

Our contracts are 36 and 60 months in length, during the term of that contract your interface costs will not fluctuate.  Regardless of the number of messages, number of connections that are made, upgrades that require retrofits, new systems that come online or "rip and replaces" that are done.  It does not matter to us.  One costs for the life of the contract, just flip the switch and we will handle the rest.  Stop worrying about the "wiring" in the walls, just turn the light on. 

Lightswitch...a game changer!
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