Analytic Solutions

powered by Lightswitch


The healthcare industry is increasingly under financial stress and further pressed by the Covid-19 pandemic, with revenues plunging and the need to do more with less.  We understand that this increases the pressure on the executive team to know your key metrics and to manage those on a daily basis.  Illuminate provides those key metrics to hospital leadership, as they are occurring and in real-time.  No more delays waiting on your IT staff to create reports and send spreadsheets.  Our turnkey product presents an immediate view of your operational metrics in an easy to use dashboard layout.  The Illuminate Dashboard can be viewed using the web or with a smartphone.  Your leadership team can have access to those "must-have" numbers as they are walking into the facility on their smartphone and without a call to IT to send over the reports.


Illuminate is powered by Lightswitch and uses the clearinghouse as it "scrapes" the traffic flowing through the Clearinghouse and stores it for viewing.  All of this is done with no user intervention and with the innovations through Lightswitch and the AWS Cloud, we can offer these solutions without the need to purchase software or hardware.  Our team will keep your systems updated and we will provide the capacity right-sized to fit your organization's needs.  If you choose to subscribe to Illuminate, then Innovar provides the Lightswitch product to power Illuminate, at no additional costs.

Another key feature of Iluminate, it works in tandem with Lightswitch.  As a result, it can process all of the input formats that Lightswitch can process:

  • HL7


  • Direct Database

  • Custom CSV Files

Lightswitch can even pull in your pdf and extract data from those documents for use in Illuminate.


As with our other products and services, we believe that the price integration continues to remain high and the underlying technologies continue to push costs down.  Our products are offered using simple subscription-based pricing that is very competitive with comparable solutions.  Our approach is to build long term relationships, as your trusted partner, to earn a fair profit over many years.  Our pricing model with Illuminate reflects our desire to simplify pricing and is offered based on the endpoint systems that are connected to the platform.

Our contracts are 36 and 60 months in length, during the term of that contract your costs will not fluctuate.  As always, one price for the life of the contract.  Just flip the switch and we will handle the rest.