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Our architects and engineers are experts at development and integration, we can solve your interoperability challenges.  We have extensive experience devoted to integration and helping to design creative solutions.  Our experience includes work with all major interface engines and in all sectors of healthcare, to include:

  • Hospitals

  • IDN's

  • Ambulatory/Outpatient Clinics

  • Software Vendors 

  • HIE's 

  • Payers

Our experience does not only include development experience, most of our staff has spent significant amounts of time working on the nursing floors, in clinics and around providers.  We understand the business of healthcare and have insights into the challenges that are faced on a daily basis.  This hands-on experience puts our team above the rest, in that, we will take our experiences and use those to create solutions that make sense to clinicians and help to alleviate the the burdensome tasks that keep you tied to a computer screen and not treating your patients.

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