Innovar Healthcare is all about culture.  We hire the best, work hard and have a lot of fun.  There are no "bosses" or "managers" here, we are all just working together and accountable to each other.  No defined work hours.  Just come in when you need to be at work and leave when the work is done. 

Check out the positions below to see if there’s a fit for you.

Integration Engineer

The Integration Engineer will be engaged in all phases of integration between Innovar and other software systems.  A key role will be the development and configuration of the software that will allow the various healthcare systems to communicate.  They will act as the primary technical contact for Innovar and will have responsibility to maintain ongoing communication with key technical contacts.  The requirements for this role will require a high degree of technical skills and an ability to develop on any of the most common healthcare interface engines.

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative will actively seek out and engage customer prospects in the healthcare software industry.  Must be able to tailor messaging to various levels of the organization with an ability to educate our potential customers and provide a comprehensive solution that meets their needs.  A successful candidate will have extensive experience in healthcare software sales.

Marketing Specialist

To be responsible for coordinating with Innovar leadership and other stakeholders to create innovative marketing campaigns to create a unique company brand. This work will include researching target audiences, collecting data from campaign results and overseeing a company’s media communications to ensure the appropriate branding and image is part of our core messaging.  A degree in Marketing or equivalent experience is required.